Human placental tissue for wound care and surgical use

What are STRAVIX PL and STRAVIX Cryopreserved Umbilical Tissue?

  • Structural tissue products composed of human umbilical cord
  • Blood vessels removed to prevent immune response
  • Aid in covering hard-to-treat wounds, including those with exposed structures or hardware
  • Cover or wrap for tendon, ligament, bone, nerve repair or soft tissue sites in various surgical procedures from head to toe
  • Provide a barrier under incisions

Two storage options

  • STRAVIX Tissue: cryopreserved and stored at -75 to -85 degrees Celsius
  • STRAVIX PL Tissue: Does not require thawing or special refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature for on-demand convenience

Three standard sizes

*STRAVIX Tissue only

Sizes and Ordering Information

Product description Part #
Lyopreserved umbilical tissue STRAVIX PL 2 x 2 cm (4 cm2) PS61022
STRAVIX PL 2 x 4 cm (8 cm2) PS61024
STRAVIX PL 3 x 6 cm (18 cm2) PS61036
Cryopreserved Umbilical Tissue STRAVIX 2 x 2 cm (4 cm2) PS60006
STRAVIX 2 x 4 cm (8 cm2) PS60005
STRAVIX 3 x 6 cm (18 cm2) PS60008
STRAVIX Meshed 3 x 6 cm (18 cm2*) PS60036

*PS60036 can be stretched to cover up to 30 cm2

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