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Human placental tissue for wound care and surgical use

STRAVIX PL and STRAVIX Cryopreserved Umbilical Tissue help you manage challenging wounds and compromised surgical sites – so you can help your patients get back to their lives.

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Composed of native umbilical components, including mesenchymal stem cells,1-2 our placental membranes are easily sutured and intimately conform to injured tissue.

LIVE and DEAD fluorescent cell staining of the Wharton’s jelly1,2

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Pliable with a high tensile strength,2 STRAVIX PL and STRAVIX Tissue products are suitable for challenging wound care cases as well as a wide range of surgical procedures.

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STRAVIX PL Tissue does not require thawing or special refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature for on-demand convenience.

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