STRAVIX Cryopreserved Umbilical Tissue in a digital nerve wrap procedure

Patient information

  • 49-year-old female
  • 3-week-old complex laceration to the left index finger with undiagnosed transection of the radial digital nerve
  • Post-traumatic neuroma radial digital nerve dominant left index finger
  • Single layer repair of complex laceration


  • External neurolysis of the neuroma in situ of the radial digital nerve and surgical wrap with STRAVIX Tissue
  • Radial aspect dominant left index finger
  • STRAVIX Tissue is cryopreserved placental tissue (allogeneic matrix)
  • Was used in this case as a wrap to aid natural wound repair


Incision closed at 2 weeks and patient regained full range of motion of the digit in 3 weeks

Clinical Case Study Series: Digital Nerve Wrap, Francis J. Collini, MD, FACS, PC