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Some healthcare providers look at complicated wounds and large tissue deficits and see the impossible. But not you. STRAVIX Umbilical Tissue products can help support you in your mission to take on the toughest. See how they’ve helped some of your peers.

Case study: Gangrene with peripheral vascular disease (PVD)
Before and after using STRAVIX Tissue


Applying STRAVIX Meshed Tissue after a transmetatarsal amputation (TMA) helped maintain limb viability in an elderly man with multiple comorbidities.

  • 80-year-old male with end-stage renal disease, chronic heart failure and dementia
  • Dry gangrene with severe PVD and extensive tissue loss with osteomyelitis
  • After a TMA procedure, STRAVIX Meshed Tissue combined with NPWT created a highly granular wound bed after only 10 days, allowing for a split-thickness skin graft and complete wound closure

Case study: Severe abdominal trauma
Before and after using STRAVIX Tissue


After a man’s pelvis was crushed underneath a truck, a single application of STRAVIX Tissue helped achieve complete wound closure.

  • 56-year-old male
  • Massive abdominal trauma
  • Two weeks of NPWT alone achieved no granulation tissue
  • The introduction of a single application of STRAVIX Tissue led to the formation of significant granulation tissue in two weeks
  • This granulation tissue made a skin flap procedure possible and complete wound closure was achieved in a month